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Siemens POC 20-011 - Atellica 800_Atellica 1500


Siemens POC 20-011 - Atellica 800_Atellica 1500
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has confirmed that falsely depressed results may occur on Atellica UAS 800 systems using software versions up to and including 4.0.220, when the following sequence of actions are performed: results are sorted, followed by an edit, and then saved in the Image View Editor Screen (IVE).

Sysmex FSCA2004 - Sysmex Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer
This Field Safety Notice (FSN) is to inform about a potential risk of sample contamination by Emicizumab from a sample containing this drug to the next sample analyzed on one of the Sysmex Automated Bloed Coagulation Analyzers listed in the table above.

Gentian AS CC-167 - Gentian Cystatin C Calibrator and Calibrator Kit
The identified lots of calibrators have shown to measure incorrect high values over time compared to the assigned values when released from Gentian AS.

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