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Bekijk het jaarverslag


Bekijk het jaarverslag
Ons jaarverslag van 2019 is online beschikbaar. Op kunt u de geanimeerde, samengevatte versie bekijken. Het hele jaardocument is ook beschikbaar via de geanimeerde samenvatting. 

Clear impact achieved by national measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic
To monitor the effect of measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus, the time when reported COVID-19 patients became ill was examined. This data point was examined in patients who eventually had to be hospitalised. As a result of the time that elapses between infection, the initial symptoms of the illness and the patient's hospitalisation, it is not possible to see how the measures are...

Life Technologies Corporation, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific PR423912 Gibco® Gurr Buffer Tablets
We have become aware through customer complaints that two (2) lots of Gibco® Gurr Buffer Tablets (Catalog #: 10582-013, lot numbers 2137716 and 2142056) contain an incorrect/smaller tablet size. Upon investigation, it was determined that the tablets are one tenth the size of the tablets from previous lots (80g vs. 800g).

Radiometer Medical ApS FAN 915-411 ABL80 FLEX CO-OX
Radiometer has become aware that the internal barcode reader, included in all versions of the ABL80 analyzer, may potentially misinterpret the contents of a locally printed barcode label used for entering patient ID or accession number into the analyzer in connection with a sample measurement.

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