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maandag 5 november 2018

WHO: New global commitment to primary health care for all at Astana conference

New global commitment to primary health care for all at Astana conference
Declaration of Astana charts course to achieve universal health coverage, 40 years since declaration on primary health care in Alma-Ata
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Social marketing insights help solve the puzzle of low influenza vaccination rates among health-care workers in the west of Ireland
In 2016, a social marketing expert and a public health specialist joined forces to tackle a problem facing health authorities in Ireland. As in many countries across Europe, Ireland was seeing very low influenza vaccination rates among health workers and annual outbreaks of influenza in health-care settings.
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Dr Jakab awarded honorary professorship by Kazakh National Medical University
"Under Dr Jakab's leadership, Europe has repositioned key topics on the global health agenda, such as migration and health, child abuse and maltreatment, mental health, men's health, women's health, evidence-based focus on equity, a life-course approach to health, and of course primary health care and people-centred health systems. In this regard, I would like to thank her for her determination to establish the WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care hosted by our university," said Professor Talgat Nurgozhin, Rector of the Kazakh National Medical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
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Revitalizing primary health care for the 21st century
Countries across the WHO European Region played a pivotal role in the Global Conference on Primary Health Care, held in Kazakhstan on 25–26 October 2018. In addition to the adoption of the Declaration of Astana, here are some highlights of activities prior to and during the Conference.
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