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woensdag 12 september 2018

IGJ waarschuwingen: MetaSystems Probes, XL t(3;3) GATA2/MECOM DF

MetaSystems Probes, XL t(3;3) GATA2/MECOM DF
in the course of a quality checkup we found that the orange labeled part of the products D-5124-100-OG and D-5124-999-OG, Lots 20191 and 20191-A, delivered from 06/18 to 08/18, is distally shorter than expected and...
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Hitachi, cobas e 411
Customers need to replace the pinch valve tubing after one month (when using sample reception mode) or after two months (when not using sample reception mode).
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Medtronic, Activa PC+S Implantable Neurostimulator
Deze brief dient om u op de hoogte te stellen van een mogelijk probleem dat is vastgesteld in de Activa PC+ S- firmware.
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Teleflex Medical EIF-000267 - HANDS-OFF® Multi-Lumen CVC with Blue FlexTip
Arrow International is recalling the product referenced above because the packaging may not be sealed. If the packaging is compromised in this manner, the sterility of the product cannot be guaranteed.
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TransMedics FSCA 2018-002 - OCS (Organ Care System) Heart, Lung and Liver Consoles
As part of our product quality monitoring process, we identified a potential issue with the OCS device that could affect proper operation. In particular, the OCS Console may lose communication with the Perfusion Module if the OCS contact buttons are not cleaned and maintained properly per the provided instructions for use.
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